Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All in the Head

Ends come slow
Methods that lend a blow
Pieces I find on the floor
Of a dense mass
in the head

Plans that blur the line
Projecting an image divine
The fruit of carefree dreaming
The deep inquiries into meaning

To the moon I read elegies
Instead of writing idylls
But the mind will have a free reign, again,
With the breaking dawn

[no big deal, wassever]

Friday, January 17, 2014


It has been a restless evening.
I had been so happy to have got this tiny piece of nirvana back home from Chandni Chowk - a small adapter that allows my Samsung to work with Nokia standard slim pin chargers. I tried, and it worked. Then the phone decided to escape the confines of my pocket; and got lost. Then it was found, not by me or any of my kin, but a foreigner, an African. First thing I did was to alert my midnight liaisons to NOT try that number; imagine them being startled by a booming African voice. So it happened that that guy got to my parents since I wasn't repsonding; BIG MISTAKE dude.. now my parents are freaked out a bit. I've to go and pick up my phone from his place tomorrow; Chacha has asked me to not go unassisted; Bro has asked me to put an Arsenal skullcap on; and Girlfriend has asked me ask if Jane's around. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

stretched out

I had Boomer today. I never liked that bubble gum, but it seems to have carpet-captured the market, where I got this for short change - wonder why its only candies, and wonder why I get offered that even now, about a decade since my gum-crazy days. It must be the effect of the gum that I feel stretched out in all directions. Banyan roots, or imagine octopus limbs, for hands; wide swipes and more palpability/destruction.

What I missed in the first half, owing to travel, I think I have made up for by this long drag into 2AM in the morning. About a thousand kilometers of displacement in these 24 hours, and thoughts at the rate of one per km, super-fast like the train I traveled in. The distance that remains, is just a few paces to the bed, to silence the day, enter another dream to live another day.