Friday, August 15, 2014

Ffffriday's Independence

Independence is a plate of fresh rajmah-bhat after a day's unpacking. The very feeling of 'being in chains' comes from things that don't inspire or push you, and the unpacking was like that, and now that it's done, it feels like freedom.
Coincidentally, it is India's Independence Day today. I totally empathize instead of the usual sympathize - when constitutional freedom came I wasn't around.

I also empathize with the audience of Salman Khan's movies. I feel in the same trough that they feel in, to be pulled to the magnetic animalism of his high-budget movies. I watched the movie for over 10 collective minutes inside an hour. It was decadent, and I was liking it.

I have since moved on. My lunch is dinner. My tennis is canceled. And strangely, my washing machine ran away with a rickshawallah - people fall in love with old inanimate objects all the time - who was to get it here 3 hours back; they're probably making out in his apartment right now. What am I to expect?

It's Friday, I'll just pray for shelter against any Rebecca Black memes.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Ending

These are last scribbles from the place that I called home for the past 20 months. As the rule goes, the way it has ended is very different from the way it started. I am wholly changed, roughened out to life's papercuts.
What follows is a few months of flux. There's a lingering insecurity about many things, career being one. However, thoughts misplaced in temporality are unnecessary, so let's move on.

Managed to pay tribute to what has been the highlight of my stay here - the ruins. In the 800-year-old Qutub ruins, now taken over much by forest, it has felt an honor to run and explore. Last night I went out for a final visit, and played hide and seek with the moon and the thunderclouds. Broken, again, I returned, which meant a happy ending.

Farewell C215. You've given me a better understanding, if nothing else.

Friday, August 01, 2014

link dump 20140801
Here's something for the homesteaders and SAS agents alike.
This one too.
NGC has a great thing going.
Who'd have thought how broken glasses can incapacitate you, and NOT to let that happen.
Middle ages were cool.

Happy August times

Believe it or not

Believe it or not, Vibhu isn't at home
Please leave a message at the beep

The past few days have been more active than usual. The futile kind of active, maybe, but time will tell.
Manipal and Paypal (hah) have dominated my activity. Whatever seemed profitable turned to nothing, however, as the week nears its end.

It was Lko to start with. A whole 4 days in Delhi I spent! In those 4, nothing but some gray hair and a new weird facial hair cut were achieved. Two chilled days in Lko followed, where my humble new purchase of running shoes was inaugurated to an audience of policemen, early junkies, beggars, temple goers, and oxen. That glorious morning I assumed 5 but ran/jogged/walked a total of 9x1000m.

Over the past couple of days, I've both ran, and cycled, and matched that with furious feeding - I, after all, have the right to stock up after days after days on vada pav and another few days of viral fever. Running and cycling are the focal points. That, and A6.

Besides the cultured reasons to get out, Delhi's roads have also befriended me over the past week for things mundane. It all started with K. Sangha, and ended with K. Chacha's. Waiting for some good news or some good rain. Whichever comes, will be taken as a learning.