Monday, October 26, 2015

Indexing GEB

Hear a musico-logical offering,
my sonata for unaccompanied Achilles,
and come running at the location of meaning,
to rest your eyes on my three part invention,
while I finger that two-part invention,
on thee upper contracrostipunctus,
discovering the meaning and form in mathematics,
through consistency, completeness, and geometry,
that lies between my hand, your figure, and ground,
experiencing recursive structures and processes,
while blasting in our little harmonic Labyrinth,
a canon by intervallic augmentation,
thinking one day we solve the MU-puzzle,
trapped in this Gödel's quintessential strange loop.

I Heart Start Mondays

Morning are really nights rolling out positively. So it happened that some last minute positivity showed me the way out the door, into a run. The early hours had a new feel-tone to it, in the way of the cold breeze. AFAIC, this is the same weather disturbance that brought the snows to Gulmarg and Kullu. That in itself could've been the A+ positivity to pull me out, had I realized it earlier. It took something else to do that.

The stroll to the park was a blur of ideas, which came about by the dissonating sound of chimes sounding on somebody's verandah in the neighborhood. The route of my exit now has a Gular tree (Ficus Racemosa, a very versatile organism that supports a lotta others during fruition), and these chimes, to distract from the banality of domestic existence - the dirty kitchen sink and the beer patch on my room floor. At one point of time I started counting the number of identifiable living crossing my way, and gave up after calling it "too much". I did not anticipate that the Delhi of 0630AM of October 26, 2015 would have so many identifiable living things ambling or rumbling about with intent.

As for this living thing, it kept well on its intent to do a harsh abusive run. 3 days of break, and weekend excess, neither could deter much. 6x laps, dedicated as following: One for the Caturday, One for the Sunday, One for the habits, One for a running lifestyle, One for the hills, One for the Penguins.
There were about 35 fellow living things in the park, doing their own thing. There was an interesting couple with kid who egged the kid to punch and do body exercises, and later played frisbee; it wanted to watch them more but they had left by the time it finished its run. There was also a Daschund in a green vest - looking like a flourescent sausage, and its owner in a green vest, followed by an old woman complaining about the dog's poop having ruined her shoe.

It was also a rare time for me being out sans a phone or headphones. This time it ended being more enjoyable, since I was committed to the run and the concept of fitness more than the concept of being out and witnessing the world, which I maybe ended up doing more anyways. Takes an eye and a free mind to do that.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hobbes never talked about poop, did he

Hobbes gave the social contract theory in the middle 16th century. Yesterday, it hit me - brought out my warring best - and also led to an agreement with his pithy "bellum omnium contra omnes", or war of all against all, that underlines human situation.
Mr. Hobbes would like to be informed that 350 years since his proposals, which saw unquestioned implementation (or perhaps how our culture of forming 'societies' came to be), things are no different. The state of warring individuals still complicates the human condition, and the state has not made the situation any different.

Oh, world, you dumb child.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Dénes_Kőnig, who set graph theory on roll, who gave us that fun theorm on bipartite graphs. He, who isn't related to the Bridges of Königsberg. He, who used to talk about the finite and the inifinite (endlichen und unendlichen).
Dénes_Kőnig whose name had 
Dénes_Kőnig, who had Pál Erdős for a student.

Ph.D. Technical University of Budapest 1907 Hungary
Dissertation: Elementary Discussion of Rotations and Finite Rotation Group of a Space of Many Dimensions

 Who didn't run away till the end, and chose death over persecution.
On October 15, 1944 the National Socialist Arrow Cross Party took over the country. Days later on October 19, 1944 he committed suicide to evade persecution from the Nazis being a Hungarian Jew.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Closest Pair

The regressive lapse continues. I pick up more of my college freshman routine - programming, old pc games, dense books, and strange movies. Who said the novelty ever ended? Hence, at 30, much like at 20, I am stuck into the same lifestyle, while not being the same person at all. Or I must be stuck in a repeat loop of hobbies and interests. There could be a better metaphor than loops. Loops stand for recursion. Mine is more like connections that I keep revisiting, in wanton aloofness of greater concerns.

As in life, as in code, I am working on recursion. Recursion, as a domain, has seated itself in high honors in every other domain - the concept helps model/solve the real world better. The aim has to be minimize the execution time, which is where I presently suck at, and expect to alleviate myself out of, soon as I'm done with the Closest Pair Problem and Week 2 of my chapters on Coursera. Inshallah.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Best Book Summary award

Zwei of my anchor points - Chuck Jones, Flatland - intersect in The Dot and the Line, a book by Norton Juster. With "A Romance in Lower Mathematics" for a tagline, I continued on the wiki.

Here's how the story goes
The story details a straight line who is hopelessly in love with a dot. The dot, finding the line to be stiff, dull, and conventional, turns her affections toward a wild and unkempt squiggle. The squiggle then takes advantage of the line's stiffness by reminding him that he's a lot more fun for the dot. The line's friends tried to get him to settle down with another female line, but he refuses. He tries to dream of greatness until he finally understands what the squiggle meant and decides that he needs to by mysterious and unconventional. Willing to do whatever it takes to win the dot's affection, the line manages to bend himself and form an angle. He works to refine this new ability, creating shapes so complex that he has to label his sides and angles to keep his place. When competing again, the squiggle claims that the line still has nothing to show for the dot. He proves his rival wrong and is able to show the dot what she's really worth with him. She realizes that she has made a mistake after seeing what the line was really offering her. The dot wondered what she had thought she has seen in the squiggle to be freedom and joy was nothing more than chaos and sloth. The squiggle tries to reclaim her love, but finds himself out of shape. Fed up, the dot tells him off how she really feels about him. She leaves with the line, having realized that he has much more to offer, and the punning moral is presented: "To the vector belong the spoils."

On the movie
In 1965, famed animator Chuck Jones and the MGM Animation/Visual Arts studio worked with Norton Juster to adapt The Dot and the Line into a 10-minute animated short film for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, narrated by Robert Morley with the narration almost verbatim to the book. The Dot and the Line won the 1965 Academy Award for Animated Short Film.[1] It was entered into the Short Film Palme d'Or competition at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival.[2]

Indira's Pearls Contents/Context

Hope this gets Between the cracks
since we're already Crossing boundaries 
not realizing that Accidents will happen.
Lay your eyes upon The glowing gasket with which,
you shall be blessed with Indra's necklace 
which you, until now, thought was A delightful fiction.
Using  The language of symmetry,
making you feel the creation of The Schottky dance,
making you imagine Double spirals and Möbius maps.
So, now, get Playing with parameters
and let my mind blow, in Fractal dust and infinite words.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Good run, resuming run too

Well, it happened. Every second I feel irresponsible enough to get back out there, and enjoy a morning or a dusk, then get back in here, and connect it to a personal world. Often, like today, interests overlap, and I end up with Priyanka Chopra selling cancer, a crow feather, a matchbox, and Gular fruits, besides the sweat of the run.

Run happens so rare, but I plan to change that. Yay, changes in modalities of everyday living to keep me defocused from the great purpose at hand. But runs are worth it complemented with podcasts. I started listening to one - Mtn Meister - and it was nice listening about pain while experiencing a slice of the same, and then pushing oneself to go for more, in immediate response. I have a ton of podcast eps on my system which I'll keep feeding to my phone. One hour-long podcast a day, enough to keep the blues away. Embarrasingly, though, my run lasted a mere half hour, and I felt blasted - what happens after evenings with some stalwarts of the couch potato variety, namely blackrat and Af. To bring it to an hour of tireless running would have to be a monthly endeavor. Since I'm relegated to Delhi in a hazy phase right now, might as well make some worth of it, or its mornings.

Haven't plugged myself out since last evening. It has been over 24 hours. Muslces need the relaxation hours, as I've come to interpret health holistically, so a sleep is shortly due, then dreams of a new dawn variety, and going out to realize a new one.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

some population density statistics

Uttarakhand is an Indian hill state, but one with a population of 10,116,000 and a total area of 53,483 - coming to a population density of ~189, which is higher than our national mean of 186, which is surprising since the premise started from the conjecture that hills would make for india's lowest population densities. Well, I understand that the terai would count for more (Hardwar has a population density of 800 /sqkm).
To take Himachal Pradesh in consideration, which is a wee bit bigger, and supports half the population, it turns to be a difference in human density by a fourth.

India's averages are over-the-top in population statistics.
To consider, that the world average is 13.something - India's is 13 times of that!

Uttar Pradesh: 800/sqkm. That is 61 times the planet's average and 4.3 times India's. Ghaziabad has a population density of 1995 people per sqkm - astounding! While Lucknow is 1456.
If it were a separate country, Uttar Pradesh would be the world's fifth most populous nation, next only to China, India, the United States of America and Indonesia. 

West Bengal: 1000/sqkm. Boom!
Uttar Pradesh, with an area of 243,286 sqkm, makes up for 204.2 million of India's 1262 million population. West Bengal 88, 572, counting for 90 million of those remaining 1258 million people. Besides these two, are still 1168 million people.

These figures are from a 2013 survey. Add the factor of 1.2% average annual growth rate for India.
20 births per 1000 people, which translates to 4,082,000 (or 4 million) babies being added every year just to the state of Uttar Pradesh, alone.

To contrast, Norway's population is 5.084 million, which UP generates every year and a quarter. France's population is a third of UP's, at 66 million only.

Allahabad has a pouplation of 5.9 million people alone. 1.2x the population of Norway, in an area a five thousand four hundred and sixty three times small (5463x). In terms of quality of life by geographic area per person, Allahabad promises a standard of life one by six thousandth four hundred and fourty six (6446) times that of Norway.

Norway I've used for a benchmark, because its average beats the earth's average, just by a beat, to represent classic freedom. The lucky 13.