Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Feeding the Frog and Hopping the Dog

The night extended into a morning food delivery job. I served leftover bread (roti/chapati) to the dogs under the Defcol flyover. Then my eyes fell on a park so nice, that I was pulled into its mystical complex.

To put it less cryptic words, a morning run ensued - one after a long break. I was hitting menopause, you see. Now I am purged of urges and can continue my life as a normal 30-year-old guy. NOT. [ignore this para and read on]

The run came about after a previous day of intense sleeping. Some good, came in the way of sleep, and I hope others would agree. If not self-seeking, self-preservation drive was at display, which gives me a sense of inclusion with the human species. The tiring run also gives me a sense of inclusion, in the induced senselessness.

The run was long er than usual - 5 laps. Still a short distance, but less shorter, nonetheless, which is a minor upping over the olden days. Vanity to vanquish the valiant. The post-run interval comprised of a failure to find mulberry trees in the park complex, and a failure to pull to terminate the avian display this guy had put up. Final act of exist comprised of the lizard and the frog. What starts with the dog ends with the frog.

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