Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Travel puritans prefer TCS

Don't so-much admire the wrong parenting being parted to some dicky kid in the train birth opposite to mine by his dribble of a dad to put him to sleep around this time when our train is about to commence its journey. Remaining elements aren't that revolting. Cool, conditioned air through the vents of my 2-Tier AC coach to keep me cool, and clean white linen (with only a narrow possibility of transparent fluids smeared over) to cut my insinuations against the Indian Railways short. Hardly anything to motivate myself to be caustic. Hard days.

In my imagination, the only worth of such non-interfering, curtained nature of 2-Tier AC coaches is to push forward the amateur auteur pornographer cult, but I don't find these perverts traveling onboard either. It is time that I write my fervid support and appreciation for TCS.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Insecurities put upfront

Jolly way to start the day...waking up from a dream where you were inches from being bludgeoned to death. Its not strange, but outright mental, waking up to the gore of frantically clutching your cellphone in hand awaiting one of your friends to pick up, as a gang of goons corner you in the bathroom, and are to the last of their kicks that will smash open the door, following which they will drag you out and mercilessly decorate these spaces with your keen warm blood. Your nemesis - the commanding officer to the goons - watches leisurely in supreme silence. The first call to a friend fails. Now you try another friend. Meanwhile, the doors have been breached, and the gruesomeness transitions from the realm of imagination to a real stimuli (under the shower jets), while you still dearly clutch your phone, hoping to find some help.
Subconscious fears are the worst - they are fed by external images, and create an ultimate version of the sinister.

fringe dream fringe nightmare

  1. Motorbikes: Check
  2. Spiders (Venusta Orchard): Check
  3. Assholes (fingering of): Check
  4. Housewives: Check
  5. Cricket: Check
  6. Children: Check
  7. Eunuchs: Check
  8. Floating on clouds: Check
  9. Semi-Incestuous advances: Check
  10. Shrill screams: Check
  11. Dream inside a dream: Check

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living is a tiring process. Each day brings new mysteries and wondrous things to ponder about. Then, like a detective, we set about solving those, eternally digging for clues and eternally unsatisfied with the answer.** And in between those times, on the more ambitious nights, the ghosts of acronyms you once dreaded surround you - NYU, UCLA, TAMU, CMU, THISCRAZYANIMA...

Friday, June 17, 2011

reviewing nicorette

Nicorette: Doubles your chance to quit smoking
Nicorette: Doubles your chances to quit Nicorette.

Being experimental is in vogue. Loll your tongue around in your facial cavity (also popularly known as the mouth), and you might dig up some lost saliva housing the sensation of all those shitty restaurants you have been to, or the bland lemon sodas you forced down. Feel your hair for that shampoo (now with SuperShine TM)or the hair gel that you thought would have 50 people pressing the Like on Facebook.
On that same note I bought a packet of Nicorette gums - coated, mint, sugar-free, "for light smokers". Now, I don't smoke, so there's nothing to give up on... (it reminded me of the absurd situations in Catch-22) On that outlandish premise I locked down my free will, and paid INR 50 for a pack of mere 10 gums to find out what sticks.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Under the same canopy

It is through the iron grille that we see the full moon tonight, through the floral concrete patterns that we smell the cultured, sieved, and polluted air tonight; we see the trees in a deprived state of solitary abandon; and then mix these images with the drone of the electric wires above, the cacophony of human commotion, the sight of admonition of towers towering above these trees and lurking as a challenge to the yet-unconquered skies, the sight of human needs, the sight of right angles that menacingly threaten to pierce through the chest of the thin air and wipe out the fractals, of things both harmful and tender constructed together, a pervading wail that comes from the crores of dead souls underneath the tarmac and the concrete, of a smell of a large funeral pyre of all that we produced for all that we burnt away.

Wish You'd Come Here

"Why don't you come?"
"Come. Advance. Approach."
"Forward. Channel. Downstream. Zip. Trickle. Recollect. Decamp. Displace! Oh Sweet Buddha, she's got the brain of a crow."

Don't bug me about your incest

Did anybody tell you I rank high on the incest scale?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

je ne veux pais travailler

Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Je ne sais pas (while I actually wanted to convey 'je ne veux pais travailler'), Le minimum... these fill the air dense with the smoke on this evening as I study the kinetic theory of gases, right out in front of the hotel room, with a Frenchman, and a young Japanese who either is multilingual, or is speaking as garbled an English that it sounds like French. Another Jap - an older lady who seems in relation to Mr. Miyagi guy from the Karate Kid movies - sits in the verandah by herself as she lays engrossed in a book, and occasionally notices and greets passerbys, one of whom was that Jap I am with, another a Sadhu-Baba in saffron, and one primitive-man-Bob-Marley hybrid with long crazy locks and a तानपुरा (Tambura) in hand.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Seeing androids in action

Instant boner. Not her age or her opinions, that is. You figure out what it is.
She's liek the Justin Bieber of the spiritually-inclined India, innit? Discordant and irritating, yet an intriguing study.
I believe there is a fleet of Androids developed by a coalition of evil world scientists deployed to control the masses. Age and size doesn't matter anymore.