Sunday, March 15, 2015

Yesterday I didn't miss

Balloon hearts whirling in motion against the station fence in foreground

Old man playing temple run standing in local

Kru at the station by the sunset

Train cruising into and past the platforms 

A train engine named Arjun rolling in, breakneck, dragging the bogeys of [12922] "Flying Ranee", a double decker express train between Surat and Mumbai. Underlying thought: "Arjun's bitch (note: girlfriend, coloquially, pejorative) trail is too long"

A taklu boy at the train window with the lights temporarily out into the sunset

Train horn porn - one train chirps in high tone, the other booms in a low tone, and a third one rolls in screaming to shut both of em up.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Day Updates and Cinema: 1994 visited in 2015

t'was an active day today. i was busy in cinema and code - code is the boring part.
it started with a rerun of pulp fiction (1994), right after a first viewing. Its interesting moviemaking; memorable characters, quotes, music, storyline. This is the kinda dark humor and bloodletting that I've grown up identifying as 'the cool' (an organic process), and it felt good to catch up with my passion for cinema after a long time. I had Pulp Fiction on pause for the longest while since getting hands on a bootlegged copy.

On the other end of the day, which is now, it closed with another rerun - Forrest Gump (1994). [just noticed the coincidence that both the movies were 1994. special year.]  I have seen FG more times than I could recollect. It is a warm dreamy movie punctuated by 3 emotions - longing, loneliness and parting. Thing about good movies is that they are dense - every viewing gives something different to think about, or a different understanding, or a different set of  'moments', or a better understanding of some character. Dynamics do change when one has company, and the type of company, too. Today it was about Jenny. She gave up too often, she got into wrong company too often; "Run Forrest Run" seems wisest thing she said, leaving him a kid to stop at.

Watching Forrest Gump (today) and Pulp Fiction  (yesterday), it was annoying to find how their elements have permeated mainstream cinema, and "inspired" filmmakers.

The Wall saw no progress today.
PS: We're making a climbing wall, in my own (well, Kru's) backyard.
We were supposed to fetch a ladder and finish the holds today, but alas our ladder acquisition didn't go smooth. Starting our practice on the wall, we had enamored audience-cum-neighbors watching, who promised to arrange one for us - SOLVED! Tomorrow shall see big progress and tall claims. Backyard climbing might turn into my biggest indulgence once it's done - few rotations on the wall are enough to realize that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I didn't realize until I got up, dealt with the regular intimidations and annoyances in the household, planned the breakfast, and got down to work on the machine. First of the illuminated pixels brought me the last tab that I'd been working on before heading off to sleep last night - notes on FILD or Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming. Yes, so it happened that my Reddit history brought up LucidDreaming, I obliged with a keypress ([Enter]) to land there. Yes, so it happens that I'm into lucid dreaming - dreams have always been my forte and it's only of late that I've stopped being serious about what I dreamt.

I tried FILD ( things before drifting off to my early sleep last night. I played the piano, and didn't let my mind wander. This morning I was recollecting to Kru how I was floating over our bed, watching her. Forgetful me forgot the very thing he pushed into a relaxed sleep for - to encounter an episode of LD. I admit that it looked more like a regular $subconscious->pop() dream than LD, but it had shades similar to what people give in LD. I didn't do much while I was floating, or had a conscious thought that I was, so I'll lean on the side of a 'negative'. But with practise and persistence, maybe it will work.