Friday, June 20, 2014


The city has repossessed me. After the experience of Kathmandu, Lucknow, then Mumbai, and now Delhi, I have settled into a very unsettling groove. I'm already finding excuses. Perhaps the mountains leave me a bit tired. There, I was focused very much on the things around me. Here, its a narrower scope, and I get zoned out easily. Ever since watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I imagine a great kick but it never comes, as in the span of a mere half an hour into that movie.

Baby steps again in the little excursions to the Delhi parks and tennis courts, that do ultimately transform your tee into a sweat-soaked entity and ges muscles cramping. It was Yogi who initiated it all, which, sadly only persisted for a coupla' days and over the first leg of FIFA World Cup matches (his parents were out, you see, so we were hosting our nightovers). Since, Yogi has literally distanced himself a thousand miles. Yes, to Istanbul, in Turkey. In the time that the world is only discussing football, and we locally are only discussing our new PM elect, he's got nuclear issues to project and predict about. That leaves me in two minds at the start of each morning, and the end of each day, and I barely am tipping over the nice side these days.

Surprise came when the course of things for the next coupla years was decided, which looks promising towards course over a longer duration. I am going to college. Ayo! However - borrowing metaphors from a painting, - it is just the background that is set; the foreground elements are yet to be thought out. I have made several attempts to get in/to a 'cone of ambition' or 'trajectory of life' or 'path of intention' but neither did it succeed nor did it feel any less a redundant concept than earlier. This event has brought about more zoning out.

In other updates, I'm set on a record course of delaying some menials things.
Oh, and also this to start with Makalu - a Chrome theme.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Vagabond mode refresh

We're traveling fast. Small villages zip by, the countryside illuminated partially in the half Moon. It has been 6 hours of the train travel, and 10 more remain. I'll be home, Delhi. That is all to get excited about.

Now the lesser exciting part. The journey has been taxing. My ticket, which got done late, in aftermath of the Yuva Express incident, was booked waitlisted, and it remained that, hence was canceled. So I hopped in, ticketless, initially accommodated in the antechamber between the bogeys. Sadly, this initial accommodation seems to be the final one. Even the TTE, who was a cool guy and quick at friendship, had reassured of finding me a seat about 7 times, but that apparently hasn't worked out owing to the crazy vacation rush. (In a week's time this situation will end, the more traveled of seatless brethren around shared). Surat and Baroda went, but the seats remained packed.

As a backup I made another quick reservation, in a midnight train that would take 30 hours and get me there no sooner than Monday morning. But so great was the allure of reaching Delhi, that I decided to set out, come what may.

I'll take it as both a bad play of luck, and punishment for being too lax earlier.

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