Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Resolution and Screen Size

I'll be posting solutions to the minor irritations when running windows xp that can make or break your day.
I have a IBM T-43 Laptop (now the IBM's PC division has been taken over by Lenovo), powered by ATi X300. And I found that when I resized/decrease my resolution, the screen size would decrease proportionally. It was very irritating for I could not test the web apps I made at multiple resolutions without squinting at the screen. A bigger problem was that computer games run at lower resolutions, and that meant I had to play on a smaller screen. I like playing arcade games through dos-based emulators (go mame!). And as you know, DOS supports a maximum resolution of 640x480. This meant I had to play on a screen area of 8" on my 15" laptop. Madness!

You can easily correct that by changing your display settings. This might depend on your graphics card and the available software provided by the card vendor. For my ATi, go to the Display Properties(Right Click>Properties; or Control Panel>Display), switch to the Settings tab, and click on "Advanced". Then click on the "Displays" tab, which lists the available displays that you can send the video output to. Click on my LCD panel which pops up its properties. Check "Scale Image to Panel Size". Done.
And all this time I had been blaming "ATi Tray Tools" for this experience. Too lazy, I guess. Or dumb.

Those pesky security center warnings

whenever i start windows i get an irritating message from windows security that my firewall is disabled....i have disabled it obviously so i can run p2p and bitcomet!! is there any way to get rid of this message?

My friend wanted to get rid of the warning balloon, to better describe it technically . And after a couple of keyword searches on google, I came across the correct search term. Here is the solution to this minor irritation.

the security center is an irritating thing.
just did a small search and found this

okay, and here is a much simpler option
Control Panel > Security Center > (look to the left pane) Change the
way Security Center alerts me > Disable any options you want to

Pretty effortless, huh!