Sunday, March 09, 2014

Everything's play

My experience in the theater, which I have briefly recollected earlier, was unlike that of my accomplice. I envy 2yr olds now. It has been my long-standing fascination to imagine the play that big world allows to the tiny ones. They don't need to be in some breakneck downhill ride, or fighting for air at high altitudes. Why, coz everything thrills, or has affordances by way of which they entertain, conceptually turning a place to slouch comfortably and look straight, into a theme park. And at free admission!

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Queen movie

Went out to catch on an offbeat movie, Queen. Albeit it was 15 minutes into the movie when we got in, the character plot was just starting to unravel. Got the movie, and relished it in some parts.

KR plays a character easy to grip, opposite to what she was loved for in B&B.. but plays that quite good. She's making a concerted effort to play into-self characters.

Into-self character and characterization is also what I relish. Both directing and playing the character is hard. The closure, though, then comes as soft, as in this movie. What if the story was loud and boisterous, and the closure a complete one? Ohh lala..

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Is a number just a number anymore? We find ourselves revising the concept of a cellphone - when a phone number was simply that. Today, it could become somebody's identity. It has, going by the viral success of WhatsApp and TrueCaller - I like the way easy access works, and is a viral concept thanks to the human factor, but hate the fact fact that it makes an identity easy to screw with. Remind me, but I can't imagine an easier way to abuse.