Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I'm eating Dal-Chawal topped with fruit slices. Crazy is the first word that comes to mind, though pedantic would be more applicable here. Tomato has always been a fruit. Anyways, that helps me tolerate the spicy leftovers from yesterday which I'm consuming in the lack of any other worthwhile alternatives. If you say 'eggs' again, I'm gonna kill you, since I've been living on eggs the past two meals.

Meanwhile, there was a different air today. Not the rare spell of rains that brought some relief, or the dastardly power outage that reversed its spell to inflict pain. That I didn't bat an eyelid under the possession of sleep, is what makes it feel so different. Yeah, I am generally seen drifting into sleep - to the extent that if Jane Goodall were researching on my subspecies, she'd make an observation "falls asleep randomly, no reason, subject defies deduction from my years of data". But today wasn't the same. It has been 17 straight hours, and I could care less about sleep right now. I think I know why.

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