Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hot Sultry Indian girl names

विचार मंडली: Pande, Rao

Names ending with A/AA:
  • Devika sounds very hot. The promiscuous city girl in Dev D was also named Devika.
  • Deepika also reminds of somebody you'd want to meet. And no, Deepika Padukone doesn't count in this subconscious deduction.
  • Shilpa reminds of wide proportions.
  • Shilpi, on the other hand, sounds artsy and exotic. 'Shilp Kala' is the art of stone carving.
  • Maneka sounds bitchy - probably for its background of Maneka being the seductress to sage Vishwamitra.
  • Neha sounds good, desirable. But it's so common that it can be a turnoff - like Abhishek for guys.
  • Ankita doesn't ring any bells. It's like staring into a blank paper curtain - there can be anything on the other side.
  • Yuvika sounds cultured.
Going random
  • Ritu is something cheerful, not sultry.
  • Rituparno sounds hot. But then its a guy's name. There's Rituparno Ghosh.
  • Rituparna is a bit less-hot. But its a girl's name. There's Rituparna Sengupta.
  • Monica, though sounds exciting, is too unpredictable. Almost always disappointing.

Girl names that are Guy names + the 'matra':
  • Vibha (Vibhu) is confusing.
  • Manisha (Manish) sounds sultry.
  • Kritika (Karthik?) is interesting. Too long to pronounce and traditional.
    Kriti is smashing. There's a hot and upcoming model by that name
    Kirti isn't. Just okay.

And then, in a flash of genius
Lipika. omfg, LIPIKA.
what does that remind you of? This name is now labeled NSFW.
We have found the ULTIMATE HOT GIRL NAME!



iapain said...

Lipika sound lesbian.

vib.h.u said...

Lipika is a name of several connotations. Its brilliant.

Anonymous said...

well!.. d blog cud have been bigger ..had u taken other names into consideration..!

vib.h.u said...

other names... ? - gimme

i once read 'pussy' in some short film's credits, and have ever since wanted to meet that girl. but the name itself isn't too Indian or widespread (get the pun - "wide" spread?)

Anonymous said...

ok.. some of d names dat i remember r Varsha, Priyanka, Madhura, Harshali, Shashwati.. wat ya thnk abt dat..

d way u hv anlyzed d names is interesting..:)

Anonymous said...

i guess even boys have some names dat might take sm different meaning in foreign countries..

Taken from TOI-
"Hardick" means heartiest (congratulations..wishes..etc) but ppl in foreign (english speaking) countries might find it as- "HarDick"(pun intended) :p :D