Monday, December 28, 2015

Making amends (again)

we have drifted apart so many times, but like magnets, our fields pull us little by little to bring us back again, o blog.

the world has claimed to come up with things more beautiful, but you remain as appealing as before, and my paths never meander around you in daily continuity but put you in the middle.

i remember you as often as the friends i can't find the time for (or vice versa); and not at all like the friends i don't find the time for. i have not been short of thoughts or words welded well to represent those thoughts, but much like a quick jerk-off, they have come often - an onset of virile moment - and shed as soon, irresponsibly. you shouldn't consider that there is someone else.

you will love to know my love - that i've lost, found, and regained over this time of absence, - better over these vacations.

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