Tuesday, December 29, 2015

lko stadium run

Today marks the grand occasion that I went out for a run. It has been a while since my last 'un - far back in November. However, as the year draws to a close, any purposeful activity will be indulgent and give far more satisfaction - meeting so many people builds up a resignation to the winter vacation days, and to poor health, which is broken by the act of intent, such as going out really early in the morning for a run. At this trough of existence, things like this are a positive step towards a crest. Besides, it takes care of my drinks and the pork of last week, juicing out those calories.

Through the run, was a novel companion sight of chemtrails, which got more fascinating with the rising sun. There were two of 'em (chemtrails), to the East, cutting two diagonal gashes across the cloudless sky.  One of them curved sharply, suggesting a drastic change of course for some jet. There is an air base nearby, and I can imagine that's where the parent body of those chemtrails takes off from. Above the open expanse of Colvin Taluqdars' playfield, the rising sun seemed like an orange bulb dangling from the firmament on a white chemtrail wire.

The early mornings bring out two kinds of people - the deadbeat, crowding at the temple, and the spirited, crowding at the stadia, separated by the river Gomti. The temple crowd is middle aged and oddly shaped - mostly obese - and emanates the fragrance of Marigold and Jasmine. A lot many of 'em prefer to come to find their God in swanky cars, which now neatly stack in the parking lot built along the river.
At the stadium, all age groups and both the sexes find representation. The standard atomic unit of a coach and a team formed clusters at the periphery - cricket team, hockey team, judo team, etc. Since everybody was still at warmup, there was no actual sport to be seen, but a boy-dad duo kicking a big maroon ball around.

Some stretches, and the Dragon Walk, the Frog Walk, the Horse Walk.. these helped me make the best of the chance morning I got. Then a seemingly-long walk back home. 

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