Saturday, January 30, 2016

Physics made Interesting

Through a long chain (toys > finite time singularities > euler's disc > tippe top > rigid body forces > MIT) I bumped into the character of Prof. Walter Lewin. Acknowledged as one of the best teachers of our generation, Lewin studied in physics and astrophysics, then followed with taking up teaching (for good) at MIT (Cambridge).

His striving for pedagogical frontiers is exceptional, and teachers need to see and understand more of him - this 75 year old guy swinging on a pendulum in the name of physics (and under the assurity of physics), and riding out on fire extinguisher-powered tricycles on his last lecture at MIT.
It was surprising to see even baby bro join in and enjoy the lecture alongside me - he, who has not touched Physics since 2005 and surely sees no reason to.

A tiny note to add - his status royale at MIT was snatched after charges of sexual harrassment surfaced, which happened a coupla years back. It was after his term ended at MIT (during his involvement with MIT's online education platform, OpenCourseware). Disciplinary action ensued, and all his lectures were taken off OpenCourseware thereafter.

Coincidentally, t'was Walter Lewin's birthday just yesterday, on the 29th of Jan.

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