Monday, October 31, 2016

Bhojpuri Nirguni Eargasm

Of my favorite (and among the few) imports from Bihar, is this songtrack. It was serendipitous to be traveling with a local taxi guy with a penchant for "Nirguni" tracks, compiled on a pen drive, the first of those being this one. As we rolled out of some city in Bihar each morning, amidst a panic set in because of the uncertainties and delays, this track would accompany the exit, and try to nudge in a calm.

It grew on me quickly. Being uneducated in Bhojpuri, I got the song in tiny bits. Or, rather, tiny "hits". First to hit me was the powerful vocals - distinct, melodic, almost unreal. Next to hit was the references to a "Baheliya" (bird trappers) and a "Maina" (the Indian Mynah, starling bird) - a theme that alluded to good songwriting. Slowly, more lines of the song unraveled in understanding, and by the end of the week-long visit through Bihar, I was sold on the song, frantically looking to copy the track. On being told that it belonged to a particular genre of music known as "Nirguni" I knew the song would reveal more, and it did!

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