Saturday, October 15, 2016

polygamy me not

More Americans approve of suicide than polygamy. That is a curious fact, curious for the high support for polygamy, that is. Who would think on these lines to the point of agreeing? I dunno, maybe people who realize it isn't what they will ever do, but surely see others doing/acting upon - like a silly sexual fantasy.

For one, there are too many people involved. Even a mutuality - ie two people legally joined (state which is called being married) - is hectic. To add more will distort / average down the nature of any internal relationship. Does one enter polygamy through monogamy, or is there an option to straightaway get into a polygamous arrangement?

Second, that polygamy will hole its participants. They will have a polygamous family to take care of, and all their resources will be focused towards it. How is everybody to contribute equally in such an arrangement? Do marital unions eventually evolve into packs, that think and act much for their behalf?

Another one, that what kind of polygamy should be in permissible? - men and many women, or woman and many men, or a mix men and women? Can one enter a men-only (or woman-only) polygamy? Is bisexuality recognized as such in a polygamy? How will parentage be determined, in the case multiple men are part?

A marriage of two sometimes ends up in a mess. A marriage of many will end up more so. The laws of separation will need an elaborate discussion. If one separates do all separate? Can a person stay legally joined with half but divorced from the other half of her polygamous group? What about alimony? What about custodianship of children?

And if it does come about, what will happen to the low-status wo/men who already have a hard time finding a partner? The best hoard partners while the lesser enter dejection and resort to destructive nihilistic negating acts?

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