Monday, October 17, 2016

Assorting outdoor stuff

58 hours later - I am back in the man cave, in home #2. AutoSanta has brought me loads of things - notably, gizmos - to indulge in, which I immediately start with after a brush and a meal. My life will be surrendered to gizmos over the coming week. That, and tapes, for now I have a sick tape collection, accumulated over September month - two kinds of duct tape, cloth tape, rubber tape, kinesio tape, electrical tape, and thin-foil tape - a month-long overzealous pursuit of tapes comes to an end, hurrah!

Christen this spirit Gizmo Baba and let him wander trying out the gizmos. The tape streak could be considered a subset of a survivalist streak, that has led to find and procuring myriad items. Latest to be tried out were a coupla headlamps - a BD and a V. Shortly before, a coupla multitools, both very zeitgeisty - the GD and the LM. And before those, the porta-speakers. Then the last week a coupla survival whistles, a space blanket, flourescent paracord, a chainsaw, dry bags, and a coupla buffs. Assortement is the name of the game, or so it seems.

Soon I shall burden myself with reviewing things formally. Distractions overboard!

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