Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shrushti Rahasyam

Just few minutes back I finished watching a movie, one after a long while. Shrushti Rahasyam, a Tamil movie with an outlandish creation theory concept. The movie is as entertaining as any Bollywood flicks, despite doing away with much dialog. There are so obvious themes that one can sit without thinking caps on.

The story has two central characters - Adam and Eve. There's also Judith, the forgotten part of the mythology, who was the first consort with Adam, and who later left Adam because she wanted to remain independent - which is when God (shown as a weirdly-attired coterie) created Eve, made from Adam's rib, who Adam could literally feel like owning, and did.

The movie has Adam and Eve walking around enjoying the strange and odd world in their primitive ways of interaction. Their language is just sounds. Their clothes are minimal. The snake makes them commit sin, and they are issued clothing since they have also been injected with shame and guilt over their bodies. They also unknowingly make a baby.

The movie has a Baraka-esque sequence to end with, showing how world is crowded with humans who are hoarding and consuming its resources.

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