Sunday, October 11, 2015

Closest Pair

The regressive lapse continues. I pick up more of my college freshman routine - programming, old pc games, dense books, and strange movies. Who said the novelty ever ended? Hence, at 30, much like at 20, I am stuck into the same lifestyle, while not being the same person at all. Or I must be stuck in a repeat loop of hobbies and interests. There could be a better metaphor than loops. Loops stand for recursion. Mine is more like connections that I keep revisiting, in wanton aloofness of greater concerns.

As in life, as in code, I am working on recursion. Recursion, as a domain, has seated itself in high honors in every other domain - the concept helps model/solve the real world better. The aim has to be minimize the execution time, which is where I presently suck at, and expect to alleviate myself out of, soon as I'm done with the Closest Pair Problem and Week 2 of my chapters on Coursera. Inshallah.

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