Friday, October 02, 2015

Good run, resuming run too

Well, it happened. Every second I feel irresponsible enough to get back out there, and enjoy a morning or a dusk, then get back in here, and connect it to a personal world. Often, like today, interests overlap, and I end up with Priyanka Chopra selling cancer, a crow feather, a matchbox, and Gular fruits, besides the sweat of the run.

Run happens so rare, but I plan to change that. Yay, changes in modalities of everyday living to keep me defocused from the great purpose at hand. But runs are worth it complemented with podcasts. I started listening to one - Mtn Meister - and it was nice listening about pain while experiencing a slice of the same, and then pushing oneself to go for more, in immediate response. I have a ton of podcast eps on my system which I'll keep feeding to my phone. One hour-long podcast a day, enough to keep the blues away. Embarrasingly, though, my run lasted a mere half hour, and I felt blasted - what happens after evenings with some stalwarts of the couch potato variety, namely blackrat and Af. To bring it to an hour of tireless running would have to be a monthly endeavor. Since I'm relegated to Delhi in a hazy phase right now, might as well make some worth of it, or its mornings.

Haven't plugged myself out since last evening. It has been over 24 hours. Muslces need the relaxation hours, as I've come to interpret health holistically, so a sleep is shortly due, then dreams of a new dawn variety, and going out to realize a new one.

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