Thursday, October 01, 2015

some population density statistics

Uttarakhand is an Indian hill state, but one with a population of 10,116,000 and a total area of 53,483 - coming to a population density of ~189, which is higher than our national mean of 186, which is surprising since the premise started from the conjecture that hills would make for india's lowest population densities. Well, I understand that the terai would count for more (Hardwar has a population density of 800 /sqkm).
To take Himachal Pradesh in consideration, which is a wee bit bigger, and supports half the population, it turns to be a difference in human density by a fourth.

India's averages are over-the-top in population statistics.
To consider, that the world average is 13.something - India's is 13 times of that!

Uttar Pradesh: 800/sqkm. That is 61 times the planet's average and 4.3 times India's. Ghaziabad has a population density of 1995 people per sqkm - astounding! While Lucknow is 1456.
If it were a separate country, Uttar Pradesh would be the world's fifth most populous nation, next only to China, India, the United States of America and Indonesia. 

West Bengal: 1000/sqkm. Boom!
Uttar Pradesh, with an area of 243,286 sqkm, makes up for 204.2 million of India's 1262 million population. West Bengal 88, 572, counting for 90 million of those remaining 1258 million people. Besides these two, are still 1168 million people.

These figures are from a 2013 survey. Add the factor of 1.2% average annual growth rate for India.
20 births per 1000 people, which translates to 4,082,000 (or 4 million) babies being added every year just to the state of Uttar Pradesh, alone.

To contrast, Norway's population is 5.084 million, which UP generates every year and a quarter. France's population is a third of UP's, at 66 million only.

Allahabad has a pouplation of 5.9 million people alone. 1.2x the population of Norway, in an area a five thousand four hundred and sixty three times small (5463x). In terms of quality of life by geographic area per person, Allahabad promises a standard of life one by six thousandth four hundred and fourty six (6446) times that of Norway.

Norway I've used for a benchmark, because its average beats the earth's average, just by a beat, to represent classic freedom. The lucky 13.

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