Monday, October 26, 2015

I Heart Start Mondays

Morning are really nights rolling out positively. So it happened that some last minute positivity showed me the way out the door, into a run. The early hours had a new feel-tone to it, in the way of the cold breeze. AFAIC, this is the same weather disturbance that brought the snows to Gulmarg and Kullu. That in itself could've been the A+ positivity to pull me out, had I realized it earlier. It took something else to do that.

The stroll to the park was a blur of ideas, which came about by the dissonating sound of chimes sounding on somebody's verandah in the neighborhood. The route of my exit now has a Gular tree (Ficus Racemosa, a very versatile organism that supports a lotta others during fruition), and these chimes, to distract from the banality of domestic existence - the dirty kitchen sink and the beer patch on my room floor. At one point of time I started counting the number of identifiable living crossing my way, and gave up after calling it "too much". I did not anticipate that the Delhi of 0630AM of October 26, 2015 would have so many identifiable living things ambling or rumbling about with intent.

As for this living thing, it kept well on its intent to do a harsh abusive run. 3 days of break, and weekend excess, neither could deter much. 6x laps, dedicated as following: One for the Caturday, One for the Sunday, One for the habits, One for a running lifestyle, One for the hills, One for the Penguins.
There were about 35 fellow living things in the park, doing their own thing. There was an interesting couple with kid who egged the kid to punch and do body exercises, and later played frisbee; it wanted to watch them more but they had left by the time it finished its run. There was also a Daschund in a green vest - looking like a flourescent sausage, and its owner in a green vest, followed by an old woman complaining about the dog's poop having ruined her shoe.

It was also a rare time for me being out sans a phone or headphones. This time it ended being more enjoyable, since I was committed to the run and the concept of fitness more than the concept of being out and witnessing the world, which I maybe ended up doing more anyways. Takes an eye and a free mind to do that.

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