Friday, October 16, 2015


Dénes_Kőnig, who set graph theory on roll, who gave us that fun theorm on bipartite graphs. He, who isn't related to the Bridges of Königsberg. He, who used to talk about the finite and the inifinite (endlichen und unendlichen).
Dénes_Kőnig whose name had 
Dénes_Kőnig, who had Pál Erdős for a student.

Ph.D. Technical University of Budapest 1907 Hungary
Dissertation: Elementary Discussion of Rotations and Finite Rotation Group of a Space of Many Dimensions

 Who didn't run away till the end, and chose death over persecution.
On October 15, 1944 the National Socialist Arrow Cross Party took over the country. Days later on October 19, 1944 he committed suicide to evade persecution from the Nazis being a Hungarian Jew.

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