Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Demographic-Economic Paradox

The "traditional wisdom" goes that more the hands, more the income. It is an outmoded understanding of how we work. Fertility has been shown to have a negative correlation with the income factors. There is also a negative correlation with development index of nations.
As a former Indian minister of population once quipped,
"Development is the best contraceptive.", Karan Singh
Factors generally associated with increased fertility include - 

  • religiosity,
  • fertile parents,
  • intention to have children,
  • marriage and cohabitation,
  • maternal and social support, 
  • rural residence, 
  • familism,
  • social pressure,
  • homophily,
  • patriarchy,
  • single nuclear family households,
  • governmental monetary family allowances.
The argument that religion and development goes hand in hand.. is patently untrue. The real baby-boomers turn up to be among the religious folks. That is not to say that religion still plays an important role to prove oneself socially, and somebody who will have time to make babies might also endorse religion, and gain some confidence seeing the children grow up in an inclusive environment. The post-everything societies of today, however, don't need such endorsements or as many children. We do not live in an age of faith healing and marauders anymore. If religion is the cause, then it better reflect upon itself before it is attacked for promoting abundance in human numbers; if it is the effect, then it is in a losing battle, a shrinking market.

If today was not upon us, we would be having a hard time fighting the will to go on. We would get married nearing our twenties, and endorse all kind of stuff for sustaining our devolving mental states. We would go crazy playing a mature individual in a gas society. We would surrender our psychological neoteny, as proscribed, and take on roles in the social hierarchy, as prescribed, and have to pretend to be happy play-acting.

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