Monday, May 30, 2016

Raving about Mondays

I was born on a Monday. 30 years have passed, since that Monday, without ever wondering - that what was the day our calendars started on. It turns out, that 'twas a Monday, too. [January 1st 1 AD (Gregorian Calendar aka the modern calendar) - a Monday - was January 3rd 1 AD by the Julian Calendar - a Saturday starts the Julian]. Today, that I muse and resolve, is a Monday as well. Doshanbe pride!

Year Zero i.e. what preceded the first day of the first year, is a debatable subject, as both the Julian and the Gregorian Calendar, both enter 1BC when we roll back into the day before Jan 1 of 1AD. A way to consider it will be
1BC - (singularity of the divine birth) - 1AD
instead of
1BC - 0BC - 1AD
Because they incorporate a 0BC, astronomers (like Cassini) have been at odds at their chronology of events.

Funny thing: Gregorian Calendar was adopted in 1582, hence resolving the older ambiguities in a theoretical manner. The theoretical resolution resulted in 10 days being dropped - October 4, 1852 was followed by October 15, 1852.
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