Wednesday, August 03, 2016

This Summer has Kind of Been a Real Pain in the Ass

"All men will be sailors, until the sea shall free them." - Suzanne

Repeating motif of my days has been of being in the ocean. A lot of perturbances, a few calm days, lots of days of reaching nowhere, lots of days of reaching somewhere. The seafaring vessel has been kept seaworthy, but there are the occasional packets of chips which poke holes in its organism.

Most recently, I was reminded of the "ocean metaphor" through a discourse on spiritual foundation. No religions, that I ascribe to, but still did manage to get hold of some insider 'wisdom' while I was literally inside a spiritual bastion. The above para was a reflection on that. We are the vessels that steer through rough waters without sinking only if we take care of our mental and moral wellbeing, they say - in one context.
They have - in another context - also used the ocean as a metaphor for humanity, and water droplets (so infinitesimally tiny by themselves) that make up the ocean as us.

The Theory of Mind reflected in the discourse gives some food for thought. The discourse ensures that a false-belief situation is eliminated, by pushing a lot of worldview on its readers, so that no information asymmetry remains - everybody assumes everybody else changes their outlook to/by what "the Word" says. A Polly-Anne test should be interesting here - to see if those who advertise a cosmic consciousness will understand the world around them as 3- year old would (the normally-developed individuals pass this test beyond that age).


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