Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Asking N he low f lue ight ee he creen s ellow

Basking in the glow of blue light, I see the screen as yellow, and wile my time away logging the dull experience. The day is coming close to a close, so the agency strikes in random directions, running against walls like a moth, to settle on something random, like this. Crowing to the demons to send another bone to fetch to lengths of feeling guilty about the distraction and serious over-indulgence that sent the previous distraction to a buried past - who remembers the past, after all. We are each moment of reaching out into the future, not the past. The past is there inside us, and acts in funny ways, while we act in the present to unearth a new future, from the ashes of the past.

The day was spent staring into a screen, the evening staring through a screen, and the night is back with staring into a screen (into text). No sharp instruments for the day, enough was done over the past coupla days, and let the cuts heal. No effects towards nature or photography either, apart from querying while online, that led to more knowledge, that today went nowhere. The day was slow and cramped, as the clouds closed the valleys and fog hugged the slopes and peered into homes, to later turn into a hour of smashing thunder accompanied with heavy showers. It was in the latter phase of the day that I got to stare through the windshield for a coupla hours, on roads and things that populate it - pedestrians, cars, buses, dogs, cattle, dirt mounds, boulders, and micro-roadkill. Things rolled on fine, and the staring through screen phase got over without any offences towards mankind.

The day staring into a screen was mainly about studies. Infinite amount of studies that await, is getting tended to. It is hard to survive on the hope of struggle, but it goes on. As to the content, t'was something divergent from present ambitions of a masters degree, but interesting shit nonetheless. The benefits of viewing the individual in terms of multiple intelligences (MI, as against IQ, which is the dominant "measure" of an individual's capabilities in much of today's world and has been so since the post-WWII era) is now more evident to me.

Reading on "Intrapersonal Intelligence", the following line gave some analytical food for thought.
Injury to lower area of frontal lobes likely to produce irritability or euphoria
I deduce that I suffer from some frontal lobe injury - most likely high altitude to blame, or that head injury that happened once as a teenager in cricket days. I show both the symptoms (though not sure if that is supposed to be the case). But I wish we had an app to do that i.e. study one's brain matter. Quick-fMRI or Quick-CT or Quick-SPECT instrument builtin (or available as modular mobility picks up).

½ intelligences await. Wait for it...

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