Thursday, August 04, 2016

Visually unappealing fauna

There's a society that champions the ugly! That's right, the uglies that we don't empathize with, and won't dole out large amounts of cash towards conservation efforts for. They sit at the other end of the list of "Charismatic Animals".. and someone setup a Ugly Animal Preservation Society (official) in their concern.

Their tagline:
We can't all be Pandas
The following animals were deemed the ugliest, hence championed, all across the UK
- the Blobfish (adopted as their mascot)
- the Promachoteuthis sulcus (squid, that doesn't even have a common name - poor thing)

These are the fauna which don't fit in with our anthropo-centric / neoteny-philic view of the world, and get labeled "ugly" - in a world of skin-deep beauty. But they have some amazing structural features, and unique adaptations, and have gone longer being on this planet (hence being a more fitter of species) than us humans.

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