Thursday, August 04, 2016

In the fields of Nabha in Punjab...

Recently I had a moment, with a fellow mann - a woman, - a moment and a memory which felt connected to / guided by passage from a movie, that has been held in my quick access stores since having watched it. Meeting the gaze of a local in the villages of the nation was a special moment, more so to understand how - despite the tags we attach to those who aren't us - people grow up with a similar/shared understanding of human nature and with an idea of their own immortality, to show us that either they are us, or we are them, or both of us are the same.
In the marketplaces of Bissau and Cape Verde, I again encountered those egalitarian stares.
and this sequence of glances that bordered on seduction.

I see her.
She sees me.
She knows that I see her.
She glances my way,
but furtively, as if I'm not really the object of her gaze.
Finally, the direct gaze
lasting 1/24th of a second,
the length of a film frame.

All women have a built-in kernel of indestructibility,
and men's task has always been to keep them from realizing it (or to make them realize it as late as possible) for as long as possible. 
-- Sans Soleil 

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