Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stoa Naini

I ran into a fellow stoic today, after the actual (literal) run got over. It was around noon (shortly past). Both of us got talking, lingering around the official pavilion looking for our collectibles.
That I call myself a stoic is a new fact from a new discovery, the subject of stoicism - an interest in Chryssipus being the seed into a weekend's segue into some finer elements of existence. What is "existence"? I can't exactly tell, but it could be themed on what a particular breed of people, labeled the "stoics" have conjectured/argued for the past coupla millenia. That I agree to those arguments and subsequent conditioning of the psyche arising thereforth, makes me believe I could be inducted as one. And to give a fresh example, was of the one met earlier today. We got to speak little, but I believe from - my honed powers of introjection - he was a good example. Hope I'm not seeing everyone in the same image as myself.

As a stoic, information dispersal should be more liberal. Initiation ritual complete.
Here is one: one of my passwords is OguiseppeY1

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