Thursday, September 01, 2016

Gender Roles across Evolution

As animals, we share the codified sexual dimorphism, which evolved for reproductive advantage. Consequently, our males are bigger than our females. What this helps in, is sexual coercion - males display harassment, intimidation, grasping, and even infanticide - to get the desired females. Males attempt to maximize their offspring; females try to minimize the same (as they invest heavily in childbearing).
A possible explanation for aggressive behaviors in primates is that it is a way for males to train females to be afraid of them and be more likely to surrender to future sexual advances.
Species where the males tend to be larger than females, exhibit promiscuity. Ones where the females tend to be larger, exhibit monogamy.

As humans, we have differentiated from other species, by a rather unique adaptation - of letting go of all adaptations. Our bodies are colorless, featureless, defenceless. Other species invest a lot in their features, but not us.

Being the intelligent species, we endorsed minimalism. If there were a God person in existence, then an imagined conversation would be such
"Do you need horns?"
"How about some crazy colors?"
"Hey try this new glandular excretion to ward predators"
"How about a tail?"
"What is wrong with you?!"
"I can't invest so much energy on individual features. I got brains, I'll figure out ways to stay minimal, or at least externalize the features."
"Huh, I wonder how far you'll go"

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