Saturday, August 29, 2015

Closures, Beginnings

Caturday is here. 5 days of the week got over pretty fast, though my boss will attach any label but 'fast' to the way I'm doing things. I have no answer, for now. Play has tragically dominated my life, and though it has felt a bit useless and uneasy, it has also felt workable and 'contemporary'.

As today fades away, I recollect and find that today was about closure to a BIG premise which I'd put forward to friends in ideological (or, humanist) passion a decade back. An inquiry into modalities of seeking, which worked out just fine for me. Oh how I get to rub them over it. Serendipitously, we - the same trio of that inquiry - meet in a few hours; timing to match south Indian movies.

First day of the weekend, that I am already in, is planned with the sis. She gets to physically tie me a thread of validation-as-brother and I get to vouchsafe her protection (and/or money), one last time, for this annual recurrence would be difficult to partake in once she's infected with marriage and relocates to Australia with Hub.

Roomie is taken with the version of bed-bound fitness regime introduced. He has bluffed about giving a fvck about fitness for so long that I got annoyed and gave him some encouragement today. His room/ bed, in fact is a better place to start on it than my own. He, predictably, found it amusing and hard, and beneficial. If there's the least he could start with, it gotta be this (otherwise we're staring into a void here). He followed his first try with a cigarette, which tells a lot of his cancerous disposition.

Somebody went on a shopping spree and got a whole lotta brain juice - books - over the week. At the end of it, 5 new books in the stack, and 1 in transit. They shall be devoured the coming week, which has a zealous streak of activity planned and purchases towards maker projects lined up.

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