Friday, August 21, 2015

Demands to give up Friends

It didn't matter this much last night. Through yesterday, I found myself suspended (or 'locked') into a friend-ful state. It came as a funny feeling. The feeling, the void, was attempted to be overcome with ingestion, intoxication, and conversation. The Chinese food ensured the funny feeling will sustain till the morning, so that I get to reflect upon it.

Right now, upon waking up, hostility reeks from my reflections. Last afternoon, that was to be fun, turned to be intimidating, to the point that of wishing it would be over asap. I have come to cherish complicated friends a bit less, of late; they combine a few amazing and envious interests and talents to make up themselves; but socially they've come out as as people of hurtful sensibilities. They can't help it, so natural/engrained/magnified that hurt-response-cycle has become. People, who tend to offend as a means of social engagement.

I know I know some smart people, who are less outright vocal and more thoughtful, biding time for their responses. Sometimes, in lighter or newly-developing situations, their thoughts only go so as far as to the point where they will find a minimum basic coherent response. These responses are the ones derived from neologisms or memes or locally-viral-or-common phrases ('social culture'), as it quickens delivery of a social response (the nostalgic pull of these responses, is an added factor).

The response that comes at the end, however, is disconcerting. It smells both of misogyny and shock-value-to-drive-engagement.

It makes friends come off as creepy, rather than smart. It is not nice to see their cool turned into creepy. We feel creepy, as a response to the ambiguity of threat conveyed by an agency. One can't really talk about being with 'friends' when a 'threat' is in place. They probably saw it as 'frivolous' than 'threatful' in their own calculation; but failed to see how it could be perceived by friends they meet after almost a year's time. Creepy threats create anxiety, and drive response paralysis. Paralysed, we can't do much socially. Even when not pick up as a 'threat', the 'triteness' of their thought will drive my paralysis.

Coming to know about it, I can't explain why people would need to convey a passive threat in a gathering, just to prove their presence or build their identity. Or use the same trite shock value stuff which they were (in)famous for, 8 years outta college, which doesn't sound as cool anymore.

The only good a shock-response might encourage, is my blogging. Unless I blog bad.

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