Wednesday, August 26, 2015

dreaming bromides, sehjal olifera

Woke up in a fix. Had dreams I couldn't understand. Wishing that I were still with Mwg who would spend hours interpreting my dreams, at the expense, of both our office times and the world economy (since our employers were international cos); she enjoyed picking on my subconscious hurt. Back then, however, I had a rather simplistic theme of snakes ongoing. Like a short movie, they were mostly about one person (me or somebody) going through a trippy moment or a transforming experience. Now they have bloated to being about one person, and another person, and with a lot of other persons around. Highlight of the dream was embrace moments with ex, and a record throw of breaking a Seven Tiles tile-pile from a throw from hundreds of yards and over the treetops - like a Remi Gaillard video.

So it happens that a coupla weeks after running into a gentleman who was running a Sehjan / Sejal / Sejan (Moringa Oleifera) plantation somewhere in Ghaziabad (suburbs of Delhi), I come across a convincing train of data and YT videos on the efficacy of the tree. It's serves a broad range of proteins / amino acids, and Vit C, Calcium, Vit A, Protien, Potassium, times multiple of that contained in other food sources. I shall get in touch promptly plan to dope myself with some unusual bio-hacks (is that what Ayurveda is, or claims to be, all about unprocessed natural concoctions?).

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