Sunday, August 23, 2015

morning (un)run, malormed social vertical

i had signed up to a run, that was to happen this morning. i was out there, too, only that i took the road less traveled (or less guided) and parted from the group outside the stadia where it started from. got bored. it felt revulsive to go on after the first km and beyond the turnpike. not very sporty of me, is it. but then the sport, which i enjoy on a regular basis, needs to be seen as a sporty endorsement both by its sponsor and its participants. okay, in less abstract terms, and to brief, i felt lousy after finding out that bib names didn't matter - i wanted to run to 'borat' listening to 'borat' while 'curled' like 'borat', which is what i had registered under 'borat sagdiyev'. so much for my hat-trick of pushing borat in world registers. the tee as the free giveaway took away crowd 'qualia'.

but it was a wiser-in-retrospect calculation. the rains must've turned the run to be a literal 'dampener'. they had a short warning spell right as i left out to the stadia, then held on till the time i took off and got back home, then came down as a heavy downpour. i don't hate them, but i'm over the initial experience of run-in-the-rains. i don't enjoy delhi when it rains, because running through it becomes an experience of splashing not just water on oneself. delhi is dreamier with sunrises, or with precipitation as fog.
i wanted to run back home along the railway tracks but it would've meant getting home with all diseases of delhi and dying a bit sooner than thought (will have to increase my consumption of peanut butter, which is already at peak levels) {digress: expecting parenthesis to auto-fold in Blogger, a habit from ST}

so that 15k expectation from the morning was reduced to around 5k. between choosing the phone out taking pictures, to out on the run, the latter dominated, but turned to be a short experience. hazaron khwaishein chhod ke wapas aa gaye.
but, to fall back on the psyche instead of physique,

Be glad for the song that has no ending.

got back home to start reading on all the fucked up stuff pertaining to 'women'. it was the google news homepage that asked me to consume (awareness or consumption, what makes a better source, or what makes a better behavior, one could argue later, as i mite?) and constitute myself of the image of my own nation having screwed up situation of understanding women's rights right from the domestic to the political level.
in india, domestic could be perceived as behaviors when no eyes are on you. and political means behavior when all eyes are on you. its further distressing to see that such things have creeped to the judicial level, which should be above the political but-lamentably-isn't, and shouldn't give a hoot about how many eyes are on it.
and then we'll have the annually-recurrent milestones when we look back and evaluate and go 'wtf' for a day and regress back into being the people who will seem hypocrites in surveys.

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