Thursday, August 04, 2016

A collection of moments/quotes from Sans Soleil

Recently saw an indulgent movie, indulgent for the navel-gazers like me.
Sans Soleil, 1983, by Chris Marker [wiki, imdb]
[did you know there are Emus in Haldwani]

A solution to change the present, through the medium of iconography
if the images of the present don't changechange the images of the past

Expressing the falsities and inadequacies of the image
portable and compact form of an inaccessible reality

How love can't be imagined without illusions

If to love without illusions is still to love, I can say that I loved it

To dissent and to fail, is not failure
All they won in their understanding of the world could've been only won only through struggle.

How the mind can adapt (its knowledge) towards any mode of action
... they studied capitalism so thoroughly to fight itthat now they provide it with its best executives

A movement is not without personal goals
... the movement had its posturers and careerists - of matrydom
On the students who fought and massacared in the name of (their) revolution
they "trembled with indignation every time an injustice is committed in the world"
[original, by Che Guevara] "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine."
Leading towards a life, vs leading a life

They are life, to be eaten on the spot, like fresh donuts.Its a very simple secret. the old try to hide it, and not all the young know it.

On a dance-cult, that does public performances as a means of cleansing or understanding
For the Takenoko, 20 is the age of retirement.They want people to look at them but don't seem to notice that they do.

Personal development through a movement or revolution, as learnt from the Guinea-Bissau coup

We'll see that beneath this ceremony of promotions,seemingly perpetuating the brotherhood of the struggle,there lay a pit of post-victory bitterness,
and that Nino's tears expressed not an ex-warrior's emotionbut the wounded pride of a heroslighted at not being raised high enough above the rest.Beneath each of these faces lies a memory,and where there was to be one collective memory,there are a thousand memories of men who parade their personal woundsin the great wound of history.


On finally understanding Mussorgsky's compositions

Its meaning has been lost, but for the first time, he glimpsed the presence of that thinghe didn't understand,which had to do with unhappiness and memory,which he must grasp at all cost,and toward which, slowly, heavily, he began to walk.

The entire text.

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