Sunday, May 22, 2016

transom it right

It all started with a Transom knot, which is a simple lashing knot. For the dowels, whatever rod-dy was close was used, which happened to by a pair of weights (smooth plastic exterior), lashed at the hand-grip in their middle.

It turned out fun. Though the knot is supposed to be for smooth objects, synthetic surfaces (like plastics) are still a problem to hold in place. But the knot itself is non-slipping, and for the test subject used - the weights - the bulbous ends made sure they don't fly off randomly. The new configuration, coupled with a rope end, was like creating a chain weapon, with which I improvised a workout routine. Furthermore, tying a bowline across my frame at the other end of the rope, the (bio-)physics of a drag harness workout were realized.

Coincidentally, my nephew P-buddy called sometime later, and I eagerly shared the specifics with him, with the intent to deter him from institutionalized/paid bodybuilding (i.e. gyms and akhadas); that led me to blog this.

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