Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nil Battey Sannata: an eyes-closed loosely-a-review

So it goes, that I was mentally choked at an incident that led to missing out 20 minutes of the movie, which had me shut my eyes but experience the movie through ears. Watching the images was getting boring - I do that all day - and since cinema provides an escape, thought I might escape that which greatly manages to antagonize i.e. the experiencing-as-sight part.

To comment on the movie, aurally,
Audio: It was organic for most part.
Foley: Done well.
Soundtrack: I did not like the background score in some sequences.

Since the movie is simple to understand, even without seeing/focusing on the events on the screen, a larger review is also possible.
Story: It was interesting, but stagnated in development by the end. The DM interaction bit felt unreal. The negative development of the young girl was erratic, to show a complete reversal in the last frame.
I didn't get to see the last part, but it got my girlfriend teary-eyed by the end, so I figure I missed something there.
Acting: The lead ladies' dialog felt overdone in some parts.
Casting: Swara Bhaskar, the promising upcoming, was good for the lead role.
Direction: The scenes were directed with a nice attention to eye. Even the side characters are done well. A great debut for Ashwini Iyer Tiwari. The editing has been exhaustive and methodical. The post-processing could've been better.

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