Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Facebook Song

Stuck at Rohtang Pass in a minitruck for 6 hours, on the return leg to the Hamta Pass Trek, this 4-minute gem made my memory of those hours spent cycling through a thousand Punjabi songs that were on the truck driver's USB drive (attached to his truck stereo).
Ended up with a briefing about the song, as well some insight into the trucker's personal life, his gmail ID, his facebook life, and how his girlfriend who had recently broken up with him deleted him from his facebook and had changed her own password.

Some observations:
- The singer endorses Apple (Mac, iPhone); maybe Apple is subliminally trying to enter Indian market.
- The hot girl owns a Compaq. He will never date her once he knows she uses a Compaq.
- The guy could be a data hacker @ facebook. The girl doesn't pose in any corporate environment.
- The girl cycles through a dozen wardrobe options along the video. The guy changes into just one other shirt, and one suit.
- The girl spends time eating strawberries, applying skinpacks, manicuring, and cooking food (sauted vegetables, if I can guess correctly), besides using the laptop. The guy is only seen drinking coffee, and sharing a benign smile with his lifeless laptop; also dancing alone in a facebook cubicle.
- The guy's fb album (look at 2:39) hint he's a pro photographer.
- The guy's house has better light fixtures. The girl's got a better kitchen.

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