Monday, June 25, 2018

Feelers in Y34

It has gone far too long. I still live on without any understanding as to why my organism sometimes tends to crash soon as I get to reading (in particular). Lethargy from incomplete sleep, or tired state of being, seems the best possible answer this far - but not the definitive answer. I could induce another bout of sleep - after a night's sleep - through reading, which happened just a coupla hours back. Even now, as I start to write and engage in functional mental capabilities, a yawn happens. It is annoying - the act itself is distracting, and to think about it will be more distracting, and will get me further sleepy. Not fair.

It is the 1st  (first) day of this guy's 34th year of existence on this planet. A detestably pleasant life this has been this far. The scheming continues, but the end results continue to elude. Impulses still ride high. Highs still persist. Lows still loom. Wonder if the guy will bloom or meet his doom. Ideally, one should enculture oneself to not take offence at either. If sleep doesn't take over right at the commencement of productive activities, things could turn out for the better.

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