Sunday, August 12, 2012

liveblogging wrestling

Congrats to Sushil Kumar who ended with a 66kg wrestling bronze in the Olympics. The match just ended, and it'll be hard to get the image of the Japanese wrestler rocketslamming our Indian guy into the floor, a moment which pretty much announced the result. Sad to realise that the most-watched match of our greatest wrestler would be the one where he lost. Surprised to see talent surviving in these ancient arts of India, which exist in rare pockets, like the one in Najafgarh where Sushil came from, or one in Bhiwani where Geeta Phogat came from (regardless that she didn't win anything). India still needs a lot of discipline.

I hope the terrorists of Haryana and Punjab, who terrorise Dilliwala youth like me whenever we drive into the suburbs, or enter clubs, or hang out in the company of the female gender, or got out with a fancy camera into fields, or with a shiny bike into the grimy offroads, would learn from the likes of Sushil Kumar and love to keep their aggression for their country than to the satisfaction of their dicks (for those guys everything is hardwired to their dicks, trust me).

LOL I'm liveblogging, which is rare. Also that I'm giving a damn about Olympics, which is rarer. [Last I remember going live during the Higgs Boson's announcement]

Learnt its the last day of the Olympics. I was there during the first week, and then vanished into thin air (of 14000ft) in the second, and returned to be oblivious to another disaster story they'd turned out to be in the third week. Today, I learn, that its all gonna be over. I'll probably miss the closing ceremony as well. Gah, where's my lympics love potion?

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