Friday, August 10, 2012

His Disappearance

He disappeared exactly 5 years ago. He was gregarious, wide-eyed, spirited, and anything but astute. He just disappeared. What filled the space he left was a silence; one that he tried to make a return to and replace, but only making it as far as to the point of disappearing again. He probably plans to send a string of communications to everybody and everything he held so close, to make for the silence - one for each day of the silence. These, he intends, will be the maps to his 'erred' path; maps with hints to find him who feels lost even to himself.

To you whose flame ever mingled with his, you'll know him better than words can express. When burning, he never flinched. When drowning, he did so without regrets. Even ones who ever held his hands or shared a smile or a kiss will know him better than these words.

He had once tried telling me a story, but he was getting late for other things. Now his narratives choke with the dust that has collected with times. He has grown forgetful, and experience has almost withered away. There are trees in dense forests, swaying in peace, thanks to his 'unpresence' in these years, yet those swaying trees wish he were there in all his menacing presence.

Endless pages remain blank in anticipation of some lofty narrative, which a sad impulse tells might never come.

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