Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here's (not) to Chiwda

I shouldn't have laid my hands on the packet of LaxmiNarayan Yaancha Best Chiwda and sat musing over the processing that goes into making the oh-so-tasty overfried coconut strips (much to rival bacon strips). That distracts me from blogging, and hence demands more short-term retention from my memory, so later when I can sit down - like now - I could vomit recall out more.

To really nail the blame, we should go back to hunger stimulants (or their corresponding inhibitors), and wish that our body would never demand so much of energy, which means it'll have to be a system of selfless organs demanding energy in the form of oxygen in the form of blood for mere survival and never more, living on the edge, making us prone to any failure at any wrong moment - this makes asceticism look like an inward process of convincing the organs to live inside a really narrow probability cone -- On these musings, suddenly I'm left in awe of the poor who have traveled through a much narrower probability cone than we have; at the end of the day, when survival is all that counts, these people rival any of us. It is also the civilization to commend that allows an environment for such a wide range of cones to exist - you would think there is some upper or lower threshold, but no, be as rich (as you can be) or as poor (as you are left), you will find yourself living, with your cone spectrum a non-determinant of your longevity.

Okay, finally some update. I'm kinda ticked off that my long-term retention is weak - can't recall anything of what my track of personal journey 7 years back. But I'm happy to find that cDc is still alive so I can revisit my past (not amounting to inducing nostalgia). The above observation is doubly-valid, if we recall that I haven't even retained much of the programmer's manual in this passage of years, and have tiredly walked down from the pedestal of a geek to a wannabe. But "that begs the question" (to remind myself of the debate culture at school, where a lot of similar verbiage was thrown about): If I really will forget everything I think or say 7 years from now, how crazy does that make me about the future? Maybe one day I have progeny, and then 7 yrs later I can't even remember for sure if I did, so I make another one? Maybe I graduate thrice?

I've been feeling lazy. Lazy means mostly keeping indoors, but physical inaction doesn't necessarily mean a mental equivalent - the mind can still be rife (on reef). The Big Lebowski last evening has been a historic landmark in movie watching. Right now I'm culturally re-shocking myself and enjoying it all the more on a re-viewing of Lost in Translation; the portrayal of Scarlett is almost tangible, and now I like her all the more.

Checked out the weather:

Delhi isn't too good. It shows a rainless cloud, but in real, right now, its sunny outside. Such weather is only encouragement to foolish things - like consuming items of leavened wheat flour, or pretending to find refuge in humans. Blech... I can trust that it'll be pouring buckets in Ntl, so is that where i should be heading to?

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