Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Me eat

My sweet tooth is having something akin to its PMS. I started my day at the office with cookies at the Subway downstairs - not one, but four of those large calorie-packed cookies; they were finished by the time somebody else had arrived in the office. Before that, I left the home loaded on too sweet a cuppa coffee, complemented with a couple of toasts layered with marmalade and mixed fruit jam (so intense was my sugar drive that - as my roomie informs - I even left the stove working in the kitchen in the hurry to spread all that jam).

The sweet tooth aside, I think all of my "tooths" - maggi tooth, eggyolk tooth, masala chai tooth, rajmah tooth - are highly active right now. For I just got done with a serving of Stuffed Garlic Breadsticks. Last evening I went through Maggi noodles mixed with whatever else I could forage in the kitchen (potato, ladyfinger, chopped onions) and lots of curd.

Nobody could guess that my past week was spent in a made that is the exact opposite of the that I'm in right now. I have been on an eating spree, which might come as a compensation to the strict regime of the previous week, or as an effect of the substance abuse in the ongoing week.

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