Friday, August 10, 2012

The New Champion

A rib-tickling (you can actually see their ribs) moment from the Olympics 2012.

It is also a larger-than-life moment. What makes it so, is the pursuit these guys must have undertaken to be the best. Generally, excellence in any sport comes with a complimentary physique. That way, every great sportsperson expects to look great.
But no, not these guys. The domain of athletics is curious. These guys have to starve their normal bodies to see improvements in terms of a single stride or a single second. They need to give all the love (aka nutrition) to the muscle sets which make them the fastest (across a span of several hours) and kill every pocket of extra flab everywhere else on their bodies. Competitive running is the most demanding and disciplined of sports.

You don't even need to know their names. Just know that _this_ is how a champion looks like.

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